Linkfest second part

To continue, here is some of the best stuff I read (online, in English) during 2009. The previous list is here.

Engineering, hacking

Wolfram Alpha and hubristic user interfaces (not entirely fair but still insightful and entertaining).

Donald Knuth: Computer programming as an art.

Two rants related to web programming: on template engines, on database abstraction layers.

Why is programming fun (from Fred Brooks’ mythical book).

Mark Tarver: Hackers and fighters (a bit simplistic, but nice)

Paul Buchheit on hacking

Derek Sivers: going back to PHP

Sandbox vs. themepark in computer games

Philip Greenspun: Tips for startup companies


Scott Aaronson: academic stand-up comedy

Feynman on teaching (again, some pages from the highly recommended “Surely you are joking … ” book)

More grad school advice (these are from Manuel Blum)

Ben Tilly: Teaching linear algebra (an interesting approach)

Doron Zeilberger’s opinion on the shocking state of mathematics


The lost art of sharpening a pencil

What to eat on a deserted island

Status in improv theatre

Wikitravel: common scams and basic haggling (fun and useful)

Nutrition science and pseudoscience

Funny: Reddit surprise party question

Parenting, smart vs. hard working, etc.

3 parts of news stories we don’t get


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