Linkfest first part

I’ve been going through a list of links that I bookmarked at some point in the past and I thought I might share a selection of them. This is an eclectic mix, with no common theme other than the fact that I found them interesting sometime around 2007-2008 and I still do for the most part. So, if you just ran out of things to read on a train, on an airplane or in the bathroom, take a look at these:


Extreme programming (Yossi Kreinin’s look at methodologies)

MetaCrap (Cory Doctorow’s 2001 piece on the metadata utopia)

Why I hate frameworks (Benji Smith’s timeless rant)

Alan Kay: Predicting the future (and the best way thereof etc. etc.)

Peter Norvig: Teach yourself programming in 10 years (why all the hurry)

Side projects (why you should have one)

Aaron Swartz: Genius is in the details (not all abstraction is good)

Steve Yegge: Done and gets things smart (and not (only) the other way around)

Clay Shirky:  A group’s worst enemy (spoiler: is itself)


Richard Hamming: You and your research (“If what you are doing is not important, and if you don’t think it is going to lead to something important, why are you working on it?”)

Some advice from John Baez

More advice from Terence Tao

Terence Tao: What is good mathematics

Ten lessons from Gian-Carlo Rota

Two depressing but well argued opinions about CS and academia:

Why I am not a professor and What’s wrong with CS research

So long and thanks for the PhD

Paul Krugman: How I work and Incidents from my Career

Doron Zeilberger: Use the blackboard

Theodore Gray and Jerry Glynn: Software in mathematics education


Feynman: Cargo Cult Science (from the book “Surely you are joking, …”)

Wikipedia: list of fallacies

Wikipedia: list of anti-patterns

Wikipedia: list of cognitive biases

Crackpot index physics

Crackpot index number theory


Ten signs breakthrough is wrong


Economics and misc.

Paul Graham: The power of the marginal

Bruce Schneier: The value of privacy (if you do nothing wrong, you shouldn’t have anything to hide, right?)

Bruce Schneier: The psychology of security

Bruce Schneier: Snakeoil security

Semyon Dukach: Reasons for the crisis

Ten lies told to naive artists and designers (and programmers)

Software business (just some observations)

Scott Aaronson: Who can name the bigger number

Eliezer Yudkowsky: Superstimuli

Ask reddit: what’s your favorite joke


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